Sttrolr Pro™

Welcome to Baggled – where innovation meets your dynamic lifestyle. Explore our Multi-Purpose Bag, designed for unrivaled functionality and style.

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Everyday Versatility Redefined

Experience Baggled Multi-Purpose Bag's convenience. Shift from backpack to sleek briefcase, organized with integrated USB cable. Embrace a life of ease and functionality, prepared for any situation with dynamic versatility.

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Effortless Travel Companion

Explore with Baggled Multi-Purpose Bag. Ideal for quick getaways, this versatile bag transitions from sleek companion to backpack, packing essentials with dedicated laptop compartment, multiple pockets, USB cable for stylish, connected journeys.

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Unparalleled Professionalism

Elevate business with Baggled Multi-Purpose Bag. From briefcase to backpack, it transforms, keeping laptop and essentials organized, USB cable for on-the-go power. Make a lasting impression as you switch roles, leaving a mark of excellence.

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  • Travel Bag

    Embrace adventure with the Baggled Multi-Purpose Bag. Transition seamlessly from a stylish travel companion to a backpack designed for 1-2 day trips. Stay connected with the integrated USB cable.

  • Carry to office

    Define professionalism with the Baggled Multi-Purpose Bag. Effortlessly shift from a sophisticated briefcase to a functional backpack. Organize documents, essentials, and gadgets with ease.

  • Carry to college

    Navigate campus life with Baggled Multi-Purpose Bag. Transform from backpack to sleek briefcase for college essentials. Organize textbooks, laptop, notebooks in pockets. Stay powered up with integrated USB.